CALANGUAS ISLAND in Camarines Norte (2017)

No words can describe how magnificent this Island can be and I’m totally lost for words. I rather show you and see it for your self. Here take a look at some of my photos. Don’t forget to check out the photo’s description. 🙂

VINZONS PORT. This is where our journey begins. Vinzons Port is 20 minutes away from the town proper of Daet.
SCENE FROM THE BOAT. I’m pretty sure that you won’t get bored while you are dancing with the waves because of the scenerefic views you will see.
TOUCHDOWN. Oh, Well! This place doesn’t fail to amaze me for the second time around.
THE BOAT TOUCHING THE SHORE. The pure white sand, the aquarific sea color, the blue sky, and those colorful boats make this place the talk of the town.

NIPA HUT / KUBO. Now that Calaguas Island attracts a lot of tourists because of its picturesque view it also means that local and foreign investors are up for business. You will see resorts, tents for rent, and Nipa Hut/Kubo for rent in this Island.


ANOTHER ISLAND. There are other islands near Calaguas Island that you need to see. Make sure to put on your itinerary a time for an island hopping.

PHOTO OPS. Never missed the opportunity to take a pose while enjoying the scene.

 EAT.PLAY.RELAX. Seafood – local cuisine – beach volleyball – games – sunbathing – swimming – snorkeling – hiking – kayaking – reading – dancing – singing – drinking – massage – sleep – music – complete serendipity.

Check out this video clip to see the beauty of Calaguas Island –



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